Personal Growth & Coaching Plans

Is a proprietary, custom designed mentoring, coaching, teaching and counseling program to help empower adult individuals to discover, develop, and engage their unique human potential.

World Class Faith & Personal Growth Programs

Led by Zondervan Author & Executive Coach, Kevin Adams

Executive & Spiritual Development Coach, Biblical Counsel & Mentor

Over the last two decades Fearless cofounder, Kevin Adams, has reached the pinnacle of success in business, writing and faith-based teaching. As a Zondervan author with a following of over 150,000, Kevin is one of the very best writer-teachers and coaches on living out your faith in everyday life.

With a true gift for seeing your potential, and gift for teaching, Kevin has helped thousands of men and women reach their God-given potential on every front—family and personal relationships to personal identity and individual purpose.

Additionally, Kevin’s incredible life experience and biblical understanding has garnered him the wisdom to help where pastors and life coaches simply can’t. Which uniquely qualifies him to help you grow beyond your expectations. If you are tired of empty promises and would like to spend time with one of today’s best faith and personal development coaches, Fearless Life Academy may be just right for you.

Personal Growth Plans

Tailored plans that target your specific, desired growth areas Includes Strategic Courses Bundles + Customized Coaching

  • Faith Development / Spiritual Health
  • Life Purpose Strategies
  • Vision Development
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Strongholds
  • Relationships & Restoration
  • Faith For Business
  • Biblical Studies / Techniques

Customized Coaching

  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Biblical Wisdom & Studies Coaching
  • Biblical Counseling & Mentoring

Coaching Packages

  • What’s My You Print – Learning how God designed you
  • Uncovering Your Identity / Becoming God’s Expression
  • Vision Development / Discovering Your Heavenly Purpose
  • Getting Beyond Any Obstacle (Pattern & Process for staying the course)
  • Faith in Business Dynamics / Spirit Led Leadership
  • Understanding / Navigating Negative Behavior patterns
  • Recovering & Restoring Toxic relationships
  • Relationship Dynamics / Spirit Led Leadership
  • Marriage Dynamics
  • The Spiritual Cleanse – Personal Training
  • Learning To Feel the Word Biblical Study Techniques

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