Fearless Trading Co.

Our Fearless products and services support fearless people, and directly support The Great Commission of Christ.

At Fearless, we are revolutionizing how people
think about, experience, and live out their faith.

We offer a variety of high-quality products and services through our marketplace and academy while providing a supportive environment for entrepreneurial development. The proceeds from our products directly support our non-profit, The Fearless Life Center, where we focus on mentoring people toward their God-given passion and purpose. To that end we help create cottage industry partnerships as a way to equip and educate the next generation.

Our product line is always expanding and currently includes, Coffee. Confections, Hot Sauce, Seasonal Salsas, Spices, Gift Baskets, Custom Crafted Wood and Leather, and Fearless Apparel, where every Item directly supports the Great Commission to Go make Disciples.

Fearless Trading Company Strategic Partnership

Our Fearless products and services support fearless people, and directly support The Great Commission of Christ.

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We created Fearless Trading Company to:

Partner with the Life Center to provide a high-quality brand, business vehicle, and marketplace for those Fearless Life Academy graduates who go on to pursue cottage industry trades that produce high quality products and services.

To help form and finance a resource hub that provide individuals with business opportunities, education opportunities, trade and skill development.

To provide the local community with spiritually trained high quality business people, employees, apprentices, new entrepreneurs, and new cottage industries, to improve the entire business community.

Our partnership with The Fearless Life Center allows us to build a larger alliance of services through our network of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, innovative charities, and fearless driven business organizations as a good house-keeping seal that keeps this promise: We don’t just “teach people to fish”, we feed them while they learn.

Fearless Living

Health & Wellness

At Fearless we are revolutionizing the way we think about and experience the “Good Life” by helping you become physically and spiritually healthy, whole and fit.

By bringing together the best wholistic health coaching, and spiritual development coaching, we help you get beyond the physical and spiritual symptoms and actually get to the root causes, and get you on the path to a healthier way of life – a life of maximum impact.

If you would like to get started by improving your physical health the natural way, visit our whole health division.

Extravagant Life Wellness

Holly Adams, Integrative Health Practitioner

Business Resource Hub

Our Partners
Our Services

Seminar style and in-house group style mentoring services to
local businesses and business communities, schools and faith
organizations to inspire encourage and educate business owners
and employees on how to tangibly apply and express their faith
in any business environment.

Email us for details.

Fearless Family Teaching Farm

We are currently growing a variety of seasonal vegetables for our baskets and products

A 20-25 acre plot to be used as a growing and teaching event space. We plan to hold seminars and community classes on emerging trades, cottage industries and tools of the trade. Artisans, Craftsmanship, Entrepreneurship, Garden and Farming, Constitution and American History, and Small Business Mentoring. We will also continue to grow our crops that support Fearless hot sauces, salsa, confections, and dry goods.

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