Fearless Life Center

Carrying out the Great Commission by helping people discover & carry out their individual mission

The Fearless Life Center is an innovative charitable movement that helps people discover their heavenly value by removing the obstacles to their spiritual growth.

By providing one-to-one biblical coaching, and personal development mentoring combined with transformative resources and entrepreneurial support, we empower people to uncover their God-given genius and live it out in the world.


Fearless Life Center Initiatives

Operationally Supported by Fearless Trading Company through our strategic partnership

Personal Development Initiative (PDI)
A Proprietary mentoring, coaching, teaching and counseling initiative to help empower adult individuals to discover, develop, and engage their unique human potential.

Passion Provision Initiative (PPI)
A charitable assistance initiative that provides individuals assistance with physical, social, economic, and educational needs to help eliminate specific obstacles to their personal development.

Disciple Makers Program (DMP)
Proprietary Foundational Training Curriculum designed for students K-College and beyond to build their life, identity and value on a solid spiritual foundation, gain early understanding of why they exist, and what they are most gifted / geared. These training modules will be used by individuals, homeschool communities, and business leadership to help prepare the next generation of leaders to become excellent in their craft.

Thanksgiving Initiative for Industrious People in Service (TIPS)
A starting line benevolence initiative targeted toward those in need who diligently serve others within the community’s service industries

Portable Faith Community (PFC)
A subscriber-text based Devotional / Content Delivery Service designed to connect, develop, encourage and advance the mission-based community and relationships, as well as to provide first-tier financial support to grow the Life Center.

Fearless Business Resource Initiative (FBRI)
Seminar style and in-house group style mentoring services to local businesses and business communities, schools and faith organizations to inspire, encourage and educate business owners and employees on how to tangibly apply and express their faith in any business environment.

Fearless Events (FEI)
Monthly and quarterly community gatherings to provide fellowship, support new Fearless launches, Spot-light local Fearless Partner businesses, and update community on growth, and outreach.

Fearless Life Center Accomplishments

The Fearless Life Center has not only discipled, trained and significantly helped thousands since we began in 2017, we have also provided housing, basic needs, books, courses, clothes, computers, tool of the trade, furniture, vehicles, groceries, jobs, financial planning services and host of other transformational services from our growing fearless community network.


Fearless Life Center Giving

We are a fully Licensed and Registered 501(c)3 supported by your tax-deductible contributions. No goods or services are provided in exchange for this contribution.  If funds exceed the specific need of a project, or due to unforeseen circumstances the project cannot be completed, they will be used for similar purposes or other outreaches of The Fearless Life Center, which has complete discretion and control over the use of the donated funds.


We thank God for you and appreciate your support!


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