Fearless Life Academy

Is carrying out the Great Commission by helping people discover & carry out their individual mission

Custom Training, Courses, Biblical Mentoring
and Executive Coaching Program.

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The Fearless Life Academy mission is patterned specifically after the Great Commission – To “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Which means we cannot truly call ourselves “disciples” unless we are also willing to become disciple-makers. A process that begins with individual spiritual development and being fully equipped to live the life of impact that they we’re created for.

The Fearless Life Academy, through tailored teaching, training and mentoring, as well as assistance with physical, social, economic, and educational needs we eliminate obstacles and empower individuals to discover, develop, and engage their unique human potential.

As a result, we are growing a community of free, faithful and fearless people who are fully equipped to serve one another through their unique gifts, which honors God, and leads the way for the next generation to live their entire lives in the freedom Jesus paid for.

Self Guided Courses

  • Started Courses
  • Advance Courses
  • Course Topics & Bundles
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Personal Growth Plans

Tailored plans that target your specific, desired growth areas.

Includes Strategic Courses Bundles + Customized Coaching.

  • Faith Development / Spiritual Health
  • Life Purpose Strategies
  • Vision Development
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Strongholds
  • Relationships & Restoration
  • Faith For Business
  • Biblical Studies / Techniques
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Customized Coaching

  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Biblical Wisdom & Studies Coaching
  • Biblical Counseling & Mentoring
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Membership Benefits

  • Huge Course Discounts
  • Continued Course Access
  • Exclusive Member Content
  • Coaching Package Discounts
  • Portable Faith Daily Text Devotional
  • Basic / Standard / Premium Options
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