Kevin Adams - CEO

Creator, CEO, Fearless Trading Company

Cofounder, CEO, You Print, You Print Life Center

Author, Writer, Content Creator – Zondervan Published

Teacher, Mentor, Proven Leader & Visionary

Matt Ham - Culture and Communication

Matt Ham is an accomplished speaker, author, and small business owner.

In 2013, he began writing about the challenges and adventures as a father while learning how to navigate the tension between faith, family, and career. His first book, Redefine Rich: A New Perspective on the Good Life, was released in January 2015 and provides a shift in how we view wealth and our pursuit of it.

With clients ranging from the corporate community, to non-profit organizations and the faith community, Matt connects with audiences about bridging the gaps between who we are, what we do, and the purpose we long for—encouraging a more holistic, full life.

In 2016, along with partner Kevin Adams, Matt helped found the YouPrint Corporation, an entrepreneurial, kingdom-minded, socially responsible organization whose mission is to help individuals live the life of impact they were created for. Matt is also a founding member of The Life Center, an innovative charitable movement to help people discover and develop their unique human potential.

Matt and his wife, Liz, live in Wilmington, North Carolina with their five children.

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