Purpose of Faith

You will learn the true value and aim of faith, from God’s perspective, how to tangibly comprehend and follow His instructions, and accurately measure your level of faith. You will begin learning the process of how to fully trust Him, and become fully trustworthy to Him.

Biblical Study Techniques

You will learn how to engage the Word of God with a dynamic fresh approach that will ensure you assimilate it faster, retain it more deeply, and apply it more productively to every area of your life.

Confident Prayers-Advance Your Prayer Life

You will learn how to pray as Jesus did, with hope, expectation and confidence, and why it’s so important to understand your position and responsibility.  You will learn how God answers, and how He develops your listening skills.

How & Why God Designed You

You will learn how God designed you, how the components of being human from spirit, soul and body work together when fully aligned, and function the way God intended.  You will maximize your spiritual productivity, make the best possible decisions, every time, and navigate any dilemma with confidence.

Develop Your Vision

You will learn exactly how to develop a specific, workable vision for your life that will set the direction for your purpose, incredible problem solving, and ultimately maximize the positive impact your life has on others.

Overcome Any Obstacle

Restore Relationships

You will learn exactly how to recover and restore the most important relationships in your life, how to deal with toxic relationships, and how to develop new healthy relationships the way God designed it to work.

Freedom From Fear

How To Live Out Your Faith In Your Business

You will learn to uniquely and productively live out your faith through your business life, including how to deal with clients, employees, stresses, dilemmas, and success, the way Jesus actually teaches.

Spirit-Led Leadership